Working closely with you, I can create a look and feel that defines your story and your unique brand. I like to create a close relationship with my clients so I can truly understand your vision and goals. We can set up a consultation to meet in person, chat on the phone, over email or phone. My process is as seamless as it is successful in helping to relay your story.


Are you struggling with your brand vision?

Take the questionnaire below to help define your brand and your visions for the future.
We can then work together to create a brand that fully reflects your dreams and goals.



branding Timeline 

ONE: The Nitty Gritty 

I need to know the direction of your business + the steps we should take. You will complete the brand development questionnaire and we will sit down and talk about your business and the direction that you want to see it go in. We will talk about your ownership fears, time-line details, goals, dream customers, feel and aesthetics. Through our conversation I will write down highlight words and thoughts that come up more than once. I will then create a summary of what I’ve learned and present that to you to make sure we are on the same page. I will make adjustments if needed. 

TWO: Pinning Inspiration 

We will work together to create a mood board that has the look and feel of your businesses aesthetic. Your mood board is kind of like your brand’s north star, it helps to guide us throughout the process, and sets up a goal for the vision of the brand. 

Learn more about the mood board process here >>>

THREE: Magic Happens!

I will create three logo variations based off of the mood board and our discussions.

FOUR: Finalize Logo 

I will present the final logo to you and then I will make the final tweaks.

FIVE: The Extra Fun Part! 

We will apply the logo and aesthetic feel of your business to all collateral elements, Facebook, Pinterest, & Website. When creating the collateral elements I will always show you two different designs and you will choose the direction you like best and we will finalize that one design.

SIX: Unveiling 

We will pick a date when you would like to launch the new Website, Facebook Page & Logo and talk about how you are going to do that. Everything will be shown to the public at once.

SEVEN: The End

Even thought the design process is done we are not done working together! Please contact me when you would like to have any new design elements for your company or website changes. In the contract it states that you do not have the rights to change any of the designs. without my permission, unless you purchase the rights to your design.